The Shopify stack for headless commerce

Fast-track your storefront build with Hydrogen, our React-based headless commerce stack, now built on Remix. Deploy for free on Oxygen, our global hosting solution, now available to more Shopify plans.

  • Accelerated commercedevelopment

    Pre-built components, hooks, and utilities that make working with the Storefront API easy.

  • Opinionatedyet flexible

    Hydrogen ships with defaults like Tailwind CSS and support for TypeScript, but can be mixed and matched with your tools of choice.

  • Optimized forperformance

    Optimistic UI, nested routes, streaming SSR, and more advancements deliver highly performant buyer experiences.

Extend Your Build

Integrate with apps and platforms to enhance what your Hydrogen storefront can do.

  • Why Headless

    With the hardest parts of the storefront built in, ready to use, or easily integrated with Shopify, and significant performance advancements unlocked by Remix.
  • Components & Hooks

    Mapped directly to the Storefront API, Hydrogen gives you components and hooks like customer accounts, product forms, search, pagination, and i18n—all pre-built to accelerate development.

  • Compatible With Any React Framework

    Bring the best parts of Hydrogen to more React frameworks, like Next.js and Gatsby, and accelerate headless development using Shopify’s pre-built React components including Cart, Shop Pay, and Shopify Analytics.

  • Starter Templates

    Two ways to get started: Fully built-out Demo Store template includes purchase journey and Hello World template offers minimal opinions with optional TypeScript support.

  • SEO Ready

    Includes pre-built SEO optimizations like an auto-generated sitemap, metadata values for every page, robust product feed support, as well as improved crawlability for all engines.

  • Storefront API

    Built on top of a set of edge-rendered commerce APIs, delivering the best possible performance to your customers, no matter where they’re visiting from.