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Evolve Skateboards


Originally from Gold Coast Australia, Evolve Skateboards have earned the name of one of the best producers of electric skateboards in the world. After researching of electric skateboarding worldwide and designing, testing and optimising every design part for more than 10 years, Evolve grabbed the opportunity to further refine the aesthetic and develop the very best in electric longboards. With more than 15 awards later and distributing to over 40 countries, Evolve Skateboards is loved by global customers. Having moved into distributing globally finding a shipping integration solution was high on Evolve’s wish list as well as improving its online sales platform and design of website.


Shopify Plus development

Website design and development (retainer)
Shipping integration with TNT and SAGE 
Conversion optimisation (CRO)

Streamlining Evolve’s online shipping processes required integration with TNT and SAGE conversion optimisation. The customised Shopify answer was building a Shopify Plus platform to the Enterprise level.

The redesign for website saw improvements to the UE by developing board builder customisation into the product pages, which is still in the making. Strategic improvements to the design and development of the website are ongoing on a monthly basis.

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