Shopify Basic Plan and Buy Buttons

Shopify Basic Plan and Buy Buttons

Shopify Basic Plan and Buy Buttons

As most online retailers know Shopify is fast becoming one of the leaders in easy-to-use and to run ecommerce platforms. In this blog we will look at what a Shopify Basic Plan will provide and then what a Shopify Buy Button can add in if you’re thinking about transferring to Shopify.

Shopify Basic Plan
The price for this plan will cost you around $29 per month and 30 cents per transaction.
So, what do you get for this? After doing your homework, you’ll see this price is a tad more that the beginners Shopify Lite Plan, but the amount of product that you can include into your online store becomes unlimited.

The Shopify Basic Plan is still the best priced ecommerce solution in the market where you’re able to have unlimited products. This Plan includes a discount code engine, fraud testing and an ‘Abandoned Cart Recovery’ function. However, the main benefit is that you get a website and a blog to add in SEO that are fully functioning. In other words, your products and orders can all go through the one Shopify platform/website and you don’t need any subsidiary websites. Shopify can be your one-stop-shop managing all payments, checkout, shipping, marketing and administration plus more.

Around the clock telephone support and unlimited file storage are also included as well as a manual order creation and a free SSL certificate to protect any information that you get from your customers. Other perks include two staff accounts and discount on shipping rates.

When it comes to designing your website, you don’t need to be a master designer with this Plan. While you’re managing how your website looks and how it flows with content and colour palette, building your website will always be easy.

Which businesses work well with the Shopify Basic Plan?

Businesses that are smaller in size and have loads of product will benefit from this Plan. For example, online retailers selling clothing, jewellery and other soft furnishings or other household products.

Why not introduce Shopify Buy Buttons
With a Shopify Lite Plan which is $9 monthly, you can include a Buy Button, but in fact you can use a Buy Button with all kinds of Shopify Plans. Buy Buttons direct your website traffic to do with a certain product straight to your shopping cart. Buy Buttons have HTML code that’s act as a kind of sales tunnel straight to the end goal of checkout. Sometimes embedding that code can be tricky, so make sure to reach out to your developer for assistance for this part.

As explains it many online retailers are now offering Buy Buttons to get around a longer standard purchasing process. They already have all the customer ecommerce information they need to be able to finalise a purchaser’s transaction immediately.

What do Buy Buttons do exactly?
Buy Buttons let your website user immediately buy something without having to leave a website. They are linked to both a product and your online store so your viewer can check out and buy the product without having to search through your entire online product line.

Don’t forget Buy Buttons are an added feature that don’t take away from what you do on your Shopify platform such as managing your product, marketing and admin. What the Buy Button allows is the uploading of just one product directly onto your website so that traffic can be led to your cart effortlessly. One thing to bear in mind is that one Buy Button does one product only, so for example, different coloured towel products would require a different Buy Button each.

Where do Buy Buttons get placed?
Buy Buttons can be uploaded anywhere on your website. Some common places are on your homepage page or on top or side bar menu and on photos of products that you click on to go to more product information.

You can also place a Buy Button on a page where you are asking for registrations for an event you are running, or on another related business website or to, as

 says, create ‘checkout links’ to share with your customer database through an EDM or direct mail or social media campaign.   

Remember the whole point of a Buy Button is for it to seamlessly integrate with the look and feel of your website, so it can easily be themed to accompany your website.

Who can benefit from Shopify Buy Button?
Buy Buttons are perfect for those who already have a live ecommerce website and are clocking a good number of visitors. For example, anyone who is has a WordPress or Squarespace website and is selling something on the site. Let’s say that there is a business  who is using a website to run/market a music gig event, so that interested parties don’t go to another website to buy their tickets, Buy Buttons will direct them to finishing buying tickets on the original site with a click of a button. Buy Buttons are used to assist the management of all transactions simply through the retailer’s own Shopify online store.

In instances where groups/charities/NFPs or a group of people are crowdfunding or asking for signatures on petitions, Buy Buttons can be super handy. However, remembering one Buy Button can only be attributed to one amount say a donation of $10.

Last, but not least

Buy Buttons can even be used to turn blank/still being built pages into a place where an individual product, new product lines or a special offer can be advertised by directing a user to click, make a quick purchase very quickly. 

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