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Art Tree Creations


Created in 2011 as a family-owned business, Art Tree Creations is dedicated to teaching people mixed media art forms through workshops and classes. The enterprise also sells products including colour products, art resins, surfaces, moulds and jewellery. While their ranges have grown over the years, Art Tree Creations stays close to its vision of only selling product it has expert knowledge of because the team teaches, demonstrates, manufactures, and uses them weekly.


Shopify Plus development

Website design and development

Streamlining Evolve’s online shipping processes required integration with TNT and SAGE conversion optimisation. The customised Shopify answer was building a Shopify Plus platform to the Enterprise level.

The redesign for website saw improvements to the UE by developing board builder customisation into the product pages, which is still in the making. Strategic improvements to the design and development of the website are ongoing on a monthly basis.

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